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Join Shape + Health Along with Depend for Fun At-Home Workouts

Whether you love a high-energy HIIT class or prefer a more zen yoga flow, you'll get in a fun mid-week sweat with your favorite wellness brands and expert trainers.

If you're like the countless others who traded in their gym memberships for workout app subscriptions — through force of hand (thanks, pandemic) or by choice — then you know just how convenient and efficient at-home workouts can be.

Still, more than a year into the COVID-19 crisis, you may be feeling bored with your usual routine, or unmotivated with the piece of cardio equipment you impulsively bought before everything was sold out.

With the world beginning to open back up, now's the time to get back on track to feeling fit and focused. Hosted by Sade Strehlke, Shape's digital content director, you can join reps from Shape, Health, and Depend for a series of workouts that will have you feeling both calm and confident for whatever comes next.

Loosen up with a yoga flow alongside certified YogaFit instructor Suzie Haines. Then, tune in for a live Q&A where editors and wellness experts share tips and tricks to destress and reenergize. And don't forget to stick around for an empowering HIIT class with Anna Victoria, Fit Body App CEO and trainer.

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Still not working? Join the live event by clicking here.

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