Crank out this routine and burn calories in just 30 minutes.

Updated: October 05, 2016

Want to amp up your power in your weekly workouts? It's time to get down to basics for an old-school strength training routine. Trainer Kelly Lee will have you doing classic moves (with a twist). Each of Kelly's workouts also features elements of cardio, stability, and endurance exercises for the most efficient calorie-burning routine.

Today's workout is all about your lower body (See: 7 Lower-Body Blasters). With moves like the Bulgarian split squat and weighted hip thrust to work every inch of your lower half, you'll be feeling the burn in your butt and core and loving the perky results. (Want more? Try these 16 Squats That Will Work Your Butt Off.)

Workout Details

You'll need an exercise mat, one heavier dumbbell, and a chair or bench for this class. Perform each move for about 30 seconds. Repeat the workout a total of three times.

Warm up with a side plank hip drive, some hip openers, and a runner's lunge, as well as chest and back openers.

Get into the workout starting with push-ups, a bridge with overhead press, and bicycle crunches. Continue to sculpt your abs and glutes with weighted hip thrusts and a weighted bridge, followed by Bulgarian split squats. Round it out with single-leg rotational deadlifts and braced squats. Repeat the workout two more times through for optimal all-over burn.

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