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6 Workout Videos That'll Get You Hooked On Heavy Lifting

Why You Should Go Heavy

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You've probably heard it before, but it bears repeating: Lifting heavy weights is insanely good for you. Not only does it have a plethora of health and fitness benefits (like boosting your metabolism and strengthening your bones), but it'll also make you feel like a total badass. (Just ask these women who've transformed their bodies by lifting weights.)

And, before you even ask: No, you will not bulk up from lifting heavy.

Not sure where to start? 1. Read up on the essential tips for beginner lifters and 2. Try these six workouts below. Each was crafted (and demoed) by an all-star trainer. Mimic their moves, and watch as you go heavy—and never go back.

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When You Want Strength + Cardio

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Have limited time in the gym and want to knock out your strength and cardio in one go? This heavyweight, metabolism-boosting workout uses EMOM and AMRAP rep schemes to send your calorie burn into overdrive. Watch the video for the moves, or read the full workout (with instructions) to get started. 

When You Want to Keep It Simple

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This five-move heavy dumbbell workout from Revenge Body trainer Lacey Stone is the perfect option if you need a no-nonsense, total-body routine to take to the gym—and don't want to consult notes every few minutes to see what's next on tap. Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy, though: This 30-minute workout should leave you totally toasted if you pick dumbbells that are heavy enough for each move. Watch the video to see Stone demo the moves, and go here for full workout instructions. (Try her 20-minute circuit workout too.)

When You Want to Kick It Up a Notch

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This total-body dumbbell workout from fitness sensation Emily Skye is just a step above Lacey Stone's dumbbell circuit: It has seven moves instead of five, and requires you to do a circuit of the moves two or three times total. See her muscles at work as she demos the moves in this video, and get even more workout tips and instructions right here. (And see how her workouts are helping her bounce back after giving birth.)

When You Have Limited Equipment

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Can't find a matching dumbbell set in your gym's messy AF weight room? Or only have one heavy one lying around your house? This single-dumbbell workout from fitness expert Jen Widerstrom is the perfect solution. See her demo the moves in the video and read the full how-to before you start.

When You're Craving Some Kettlebell

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Pass over the 8kg and 10kg kettlebells and reach for a big one to really score the benefits of this heavyweight kettlebell workout. The routine, designed by Lacee Lazoff, a certified personal trainer and FHIT Pro at Performix House in NYC, will hit just about every muscle in your body. See here for even more move tips and full workout instructions.

When You Want to Pick Up a Barbell

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The ultimate way to lift heavy? Put some weight on a barbell. This 28-minute total-body workout from Kayla Itsines (inspired by her BBG Stronger program) incorporates a dumbbell, kettlebell, and barbell, as well as some bodyweight moves. Watch her demo the moves in this video and read the full how-to right here.


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