Choreographer and dance instructor Tiana Hester shares a fun dance workout that burns calories and seriously targets your abs.

By By Renee Cherry
August 23, 2017

Everyone has that one friend who thrives on mastering and showing off the latest viral dance moves. Whether or not you're that eager friend yourself, there are plenty of reasons to get out there and attempt something new beyond the occasional half-assed stanky leg at the club. Dancing is perfect for anyone who feels like cardio can be torture; it's an instant mood-booster and a serious workout.

This workout created by choreographer and Banana Skirt dance instructor Tiana Hester combines the best viral dance moves that seriously work your core. (Because who wants to do crunches and planks all day?) Mirror Tiana in the video, or for extra guidance, read her breakdown of each move below. And hey, even if you're way off, you'll still get a total-body workout and burn a ton of calories.

One Drop

The One Drop is a dance hall move originating in Jamaica. It works the abs, thighs, calves, and glutes. You can bet this move will make you sweat and lift your booty!

A. Stand with feet parallel, legs shoulder-width apart, knees locked.

B. Bend knees and lean forward in a flat back position.

C. Step on right foot, shifting weight to right side, while lifting left leg up from the hip and dropping it down.

The Classic Banana Skirt

The Classic Banana Skirt is a combination of the modern day Twerk and the Banana Dance, made famous by Josephine Baker. It works your abs, obliques, glutes, thighs, and arms, and it strengthens your entire core.

A. Stand with feet parallel or slightly turned out, with knees bent.

B. Staying in a squat position, move hips back and forth, letting arms freestyle.

Juju On Dat Beat

Juju On Dat Beat is a dance challenge created by hip-hop artist Zay Hilfigerrr that combines four moves together. JJODB works out your entire body and requires you to move at a fast pace, which helps build endurance and stamina.

A. Juju On Dat Beat: Stand with one foot in front of the other, as if preparing for a lunge, feet turned sideways and torso facing front. Place arms in front of body, fists closed, with elbows at waist. Rock body front to back with forearms facing front, while moving arms up and down one at a time.

B. Slide Drop: Slide to one side. Drop one leg and bend into a squat with knees facing forward or out to sides.

C. Hit Da Folks, Don't Stop: Punch arms forward in front of midsection twice in a crossing motion, one over the other. Placing arms in "U" shape, tilt upper body slightly to the side, punching both arms straight forward while lifting one leg up at a time.

D. Running Man On That Beat: Stand with one foot in front of the other. Move in a "pony" motion, freestyling with arms.

Milly Rock

Created by rap artist 2 Milly, this dance works your entire core.

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, core engaged.

B. Slide to the right while moving right arm in a spanking motion. Slide to the left while moving left arm in a spanking motion. Optional: Continue sliding motion and place arms above head in a field goal position, rotating arms and torso in a circular motion.

Hit Da Folks

A popular dance that originated in Columbus, GA, Hit Da Folks works out the legs, arms, core, and glutes.

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Punch forward twice, crossing one arm over the other.

B. Place arms in a "U" shape and tilt upper body slightly to the side while lifting one leg up, making sure the leg that lifts is opposite of the arm closest to head while punching.

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