Less dance, more sweat.

By Lauren Mazzo

If you prefer burpees over bachata and would rather get punched in the face than shake your hips to the rythm of Pitbull's latest dancefloor hit, STRONG by Zumba is for you.

Seriously-it's not Zumba, it's just by Zumba. The class is an hour-long mix of bodyweight strength, cardio, and plyometric moves that make you feel more like an athlete than like a Dancing with the Stars contestant. You'll simulate battle ropes slams and jump-lunge your way to a seriously intense workout-no shimmying required. (Although experts say that dance makes you a better athlete, so you should probably give it a shot.)

And here's the thing: Like Zumba's orginal dance cardio workout classes, music is at the forefront of it all. You know how you cycle to the beat at spin class or use the fuel of a kickass chorus to help you power through a sprint? STRONG by Zumba uses music to guide you through the exercises, signaling when to turn up the intensity, back off during active recovery, or slow for strength movements. (Not to mention, the songs are really effing catchy).

And there's legit science behind this too: Studies show that music can help you get through tough workouts and make it feel easier and more enjoyable.

Not convinced? Try this teaser workout with STRONG by Zumba trainer Jeanette Jenkins (also the lady behind Pink's rock-solid core strength and our 30-Day Butt Challenge). Want more? Head to the STRONG by Zumba website for another 20-minute demo video, and see where you can take the class IRL.

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