Motivation bonus: The trainer is tatted-up eye candy

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: September 21, 2016

NBC's newest fitness reality show, Strong, is all about women competing to become stronger-both inside and out-and a little about the hot male trainers transforming them. (For more eye candy, try our 30-Day Hot Guy HIIT Challenge.) We snagged Adam Von Rothfelder, one of the Strong trainers, and his amazing team member and contestant Claudia "CC" Collazo to demo a "free movement" workout for us.

What exactly is free movement? It's a workout that uses motions your body was inherently designed to do (like crawling, climbing, lifting, and breathing) to make you more mobile, stronger, more balanced, and ultimately optimize your all-around body performance. Von Rothfelder is a former professional MMA fighter, personal trainer, and owner of CoMo in Milwaukee-a unique "movement collective" gym that's all about the free movement method. His method blends strength training, yoga, acrobatics/parkour, and more to create a workout we guaranteed you've never seen before.

In this video, Von Rothfelder takes you through five equipment-free moves that you can individually add to your usual routine, do together for a 20-minute total-body workout, or sync up into flows for something even more dynamic and challenging. The catch: They may seem easy at first, but these moves will challenge both your body and mind by the end. Say goodbye to brainless reps on the machine and hours on the treadmill; this workout will have you constantly thinking about how your body moves-and make it stronger, tighter, and more toned as a result. (After this, try Jillian Michael's bodyweight workout too.)

Want to see more about how Adam's training and CC's transformation? Tune into NBC's Strong on Thursdays at 8/7c or watch online.


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