Yoga meets strength training (meets hot trainer) for a total-body burn

By Lauren Mazzo

We know that yoga can get you super strong. We know that strength training can too (obv). But what happens when you combine them? It creates a workout ~flow~ guaranteed to hit your whole body.

Adam Von Rothfelder of NBC's newest reality show, Strong, is a trainer dedicated to this type of "free movement" workout. He's a former professional MMA fighter and now owns CoMo in Milwaukee-a unique "movement collective" gym that's all about blending strength training, yoga, and acrobatics/parkour. We partnered up with him to bring you two total-body workouts you've definitely never done before, using movements our bodies were made to do, like crawling, climbing, and lifting. These sequences will increase your strength and mobility plus test your coordination-if you can't get the hang of it the first time, don't worry. Just slow down the movements and focus.

You can do these flows alone or pair them with Von Rothfelder's first workout, Five Free Movement Exercises to Challenge Your Body (and Mind). You can use dumbbells for the first flow, or do them with just your bodyweight for an equipment-free, do-anywhere routine. (And if you like this kind of workout, give parkour a try, or this Brazilian Capoeira martial arts yoga-fusion workout.)

Wondering if it really works? His show contestant-slash-teammate Claudia "CC" Collazo is proof that it does. Tune into NBC's Strong on Thursdays at 8/7 central or watch online to see her transformation-and more of Adam. (And if you just want more hot trainers to look at-no shame-then check out our 30-Day Hot-Guy HIIT Challenge.)

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