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Updated: June 17, 2016
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Take your workout to the comfort of your living room and get moving with this terrific total-body, isometric workout. Similar to Pilates, this Bar Effect workout is designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles for a lean look. (Like it? Try this at-home barre workout nexy).

In this Grokker Premium video, Michelle Rahlves shows you a series of small exercise movements that will turn your toning up a notch. Grab your mat and get to it!

Equipment Needed: Resistance Band, Small Hand Weights or Squishy Pilates Balls (optional), Chair or Bar, Slightly Deflated Ball or Towel

The Workout


Standing leg kicks with band:

1. Small kicks hold band for arm resistance

2. Small forward kicks bringing band over legs

3. Open sideways kicks bringing band to the side

Leg curls with band:

1. Curl up and lower legs to 45 degrees

2. Curl and arm pulse

3. Lower legs half way

4. Knees in, out, up

5. Hip raises


Forward plank:

1. Rock front to back

2. Knee to elbow

3. Small push-ups

Side plank:

1. Arm above ear, then tap hip

2. Hip tap to the map


In wide stance:

1. Arms outstretched pulse weight up and down 2 inches

2. Curl ins

3. Backward arm pulses

In forward lunge:

1. Backward triceps lifts

2. Extend and micro bend back

3. Extended arm circles

4. Repeat with other arm

Triceps stretch


Holding a bar, position legs into a high forward lunge:

1. Press through back foot come up to inches, down two inches

2. Press through legs to come up to standing

3. In standing position, press legs inward & release

Hip flexer and thigh stretch


Sitting on mat place one leg forward one leg back, 90-degree angle in both knees:

1. Tuck and squeeze glutes forward

2. Tap knee forward, tap toe back

3. Flex foot and press back

4. Lean and knee lift

5. Knee circles

Stretch and repeat with other side


Sitting on mat with bent knees, ball between thighs:

1. Reverse crunch

2. Reverse crunch with upward press

3. Side elbow tap and punch

4. Side press

5. Repeat 3 and 4 on other side

6. Forward elbow tap & press

7. Rockette

Abs stretch


Knees bent, back on floor:

1. Bridge + pulse

2. Shift weight + pulse

3. Squeeze thighs

4. Bridge + hip tuck

5. Press outs

Floor stretch

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