Get fit while getting into the Christmas spirit.

By Kylie Gilbert
December 12, 2017

We're all about ways to make our workouts quick, fun, and easy in the month of December. That's why we tapped Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, aka the Tone It Up girls, for 12 moves you can do at home for a total-body workout. (Check out more do-anywhere moves in the TIU Studio app, or sign up for their December Holiday Hustle.)

The twist? The moves are all Christmas-themed and you can't take yourself too seriously while doing them (instant stress reliever!). The Christmas accessories are optional, but we suggest going all out. (Related: This 12 Days of Fitmas Video Perfectly Captures What It's Like to Exercise During the Holidays)

1. Candy Cane

Sculpts your obliques

A. Stand with feet together with a dumbbell in each hand. Lift right arm over head and leave left down beside you.

B. With core engaged, tilt toward left side, reaching right arm up and over head.

Complete 15 reps then switch sides.

2. Naughty or Nice (Dolphin)

Tones your core and shoulders

A. Begin in a forearm plank position, keeping hips level with shoulders.

B. With core engaged, slowly raise hips into the air, forming a triangle shape with body.

C. Lower down slowly into the starting position.

Complete 20 reps.

3. Chestnuts (Chest Press)

Tones your chest, triceps, and glutes

A. Start in a bridge position with feet firmly on the ground and hips lifted.

B. Engage core and booty as you extend arms and perform a chest press. Lower, bringing elbows out to sides.

Complete 20 reps.

4. Mistletoe

Tones your inner thighs, glutes, and obliques

A. Balance on left foot, holding a weight in each hand by side.

B. While balancing, bend left knee and lower upper body toward the ground, twisting right arm across body and tapping the weight to the ground.

C. With control, slowly lift to the starting position.

Complete 15 reps then switch sides.

5. Snowflake

Tones your entire core

A. Begin on back with arms and legs extended.

B. Using core to lift yourself off of the ground, crunch up and pull body toward legs, bending knees into chest.

C. With control, lower back to the ground.

Complete 15 reps.

6. Sleigh All Day

Tones your core, biceps, and shoulders

A. Sit in a V-sit position, holding weights in both hands by hips.

B. While balancing with feet lifted, perform a biceps curl, then press arms up over head.

C. Reverse the movement and return to starting position.

Complete 15 reps.

7. Gingerbread Woman

Tones your booty and back

A. Lie facedown with arms and legs extended.

B. Keeping glutes engaged, lift chest, arms, and legs off the floor at the same time.

C. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly lower back down.

Complete 20 reps.

8. Rudolph (Booty Kickback)

Tones your hamstrings and booty

A. Begin in a tabletop position with a dumbbell behind right knee.

B. Lift right leg up, keeping leg in a 90-degree angle.

C. Slowly lower back down to starting position.

Complete 15 reps then switch sides.

9. Ice Skates (Skaters)

Raises your metabolism and tones your booty, quads, and core

A. Start with feet together, standing straight up. Hop out to left side and lunge right leg behind you and to the left, so that you land in a curtsy lunge.

B. Push off left leg and land in a curtsy lunge with right foot in front. Continue alternating sides.

Complete 10 reps on each side.

10. Mrs. Claus Curtsy

Sculpts your booty, quads, and shoulders

A. Stand with feet hip-width apart, dumbbells by side. Step right foot back and left, making sure front knee doesn't go past toes.

B. As you lower, raise arms to shoulder height, making sure to maintain a slight bend at elbows.

C. Push off right foot and slowly lower arms to return to starting position.

Complete 15 reps then switch sides.

11. Snowball Toss

Increases your metabolism and tones your core, inner thighs, and glutes

A. Begin with feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart, feet at a 45-degree angle. Sit back with dumbbell swinging between legs and bring forearms to inner thighs.

B. Thrust hips forward as you raise chest to a standing position and raise dumbbell.

C. Switch hands, then lower back down to starting position.

Complete 10 reps on each side.

12. Christmas Tree (Tree Pose + Biceps Curl)

Tones your biceps

A. Balance on left foot with right foot resting on left inner thigh.

B. With core engaged, slowly raise weights toward chest. Lower weights back down.

Complete 10 reps then switch legs.

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