Say "See Ya!" to those Spanx with this total-body workout that leaves you feeling tight, toned, and strong

By By Alyssa Sparacino

Let's face it, shapewear has its purpose, but it's not exactly comfortable. That's why this full-body workout designed by Rebecca Kennedy, Nike master trainer and Barry's Boot Camp instructor, aims to help you put away those Spanx for good. As Kennedy says, this workout is "slinky-dress approved!" (P.S. Try these 7 Exercises to Look Slim and Sexy in a Cutout Dress too!)

How it works: The circuit is comprised of four different sets, and each set has two moves. You'll perform as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of the first exercise within 40 seconds, and AMRAP of the second exercises within 20 seconds. You can then rest for 60 seconds before repeating the set and moving on to the next one. At the end, you'll repeat the entire circuit from start to finish once or twice more.

What you'll need: Dumbbells (pick a challenging weight, such as 8-10 pounds for beginners and up to 15-20 pounds if you're feeling more advanced)

Set 1

Goblet Squat Curl

A. Standing with feet hip distance apart, toes turned out slightly, grab one dumbbell by both ends with each hand and hold up by your chest.

B. Keep chest open while squatting down low. At the bottom of the squat, curl the dumbbell down and back up before returning to stand.

Reps: AMRAP in 40 seconds

Tuck Jump

A: Explosively jump off the ground, propelling both legs upwards by tucking them directly toward your chest.

B: Quickly tap toes back on the ground and repeat the movement as quickly as possible.

Reps: AMRAP for 20 seconds

Rest: 60 seconds

Repeat: Set 1

Set 2

Gorilla Row

A: Place two dumbbells directly in front of you and stand with feet slightly wider than hip distance apart.

B: Bend knees to bend forward and pick up dumbbells in either hand. Row right weight by bringing elbow up and back, keeping arm tight to the torso and squeezing shoulder blades at the top of the movement. Alternate sides. (If the forward bend is too low and you need to modify, elevate dumbbells by placing them on a box or bench instead.)

Reps: AMRAP for 40 seconds

Shoulder Taps

A: From extended arm plank position, keep core steady as you tap right fingertips to left shoulder, then left fingertips to right shoulder. Alternate sides while maintaining a tight core and flat back.

Reps: AMRAP for 20 seconds

Rest: 60 seconds

Repeat: Set 2

Set 3


A: Standing with feet hip distance apart, dumbbells (you can go heavier for this move!) in either hand, slowly hinge at the hips, pushing them behind you.

B: Keeping a flat back, bend knees slightly as you bring chest to thighs and dumbbells naturally come down to hover just above feet.

C: Quickly drive from hamstrings and glutes to pop up to standing, keeping weights down and in front of you.

Reps: AMRAP for 40 seconds

Donkey Kicks

A: From tabletop position, with toes curled under and hands directly under shoulders, bring knees up to hover above the floor.

B: Quickly kick both feet up and out, leading movement from your heels. (Beginners can stay low; if you're more advanced, shift more of your bodyweight into your hands in order to lift higher when you kick the heels up and straight out.)

Reps: AMRAP for 20 seconds

Rest: 60 seconds

Repeat: Set 3

Set 4

Side Lunge with a Press

A: Grab dumbbells in either hand and bring weights up to shoulders in a racked position.

B: Step out to the side with right leg and bend at the knee to squat down for a lateral lunge.

C: Press out through right heel as you come to stand. At the same time, press up and overhead with the weights to complete a shoulder press.

D: Repeat movement on the left side, then continue alternating.

Reps: AMRAP for 40 seconds

Lateral Knee Shuffle

A: Using a 1-2-3 pattern, quickly shuffle feet laterally to the right, then to the left. Lift knees off the ground to avoid simply brushing feet across the ground.

Reps: AMRAP for 20 seconds

Rest: 60 seconds

Repeat: Set 4

Repeat: Entire circuit from start to finish 1-2 more times through.

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