Trainer Talk: What's the Best Exercise for Sculpted Hamstrings?

Celeb trainer Courtney Paul shares the exercise that will give you toned, defined hamstrings. (P.S. It works your butt too!)

Bravolebrity Courtney Paul, certified personal trainer and founder of CPXperience, gives his no-B.S. answers to all of your burning fitness questions as part of our "Trainer Talk" series. This week: What's the ultimate move for sculpted hamstrings? (And in case you missed it, check out Paul's best exercises for a tight butt.)

According to Paul, the one move you need for some seriously sculpted hamstrings is the deadlift. Here's why: You'll get the maximum stretch in the muscle as you lower down for the eccentric part of the move, and you'll also get the maximum contraction when you squeeze your booty and thighs bringing yourself up to standing for the concentric half of the move. The deadlift majorly sculpts your glutes, so it will give you that covetable definition between your booty and back of the thighs. (If you're all about that toned lower body, you'll want to try this legs and butt circuit next, which includes weighted lunges, squats, and more to help you attack fat and build crucial muscle which both reduce the appearance of cellulite.)

Here's how to do it:

A. Stand holding dumbbells (start with an 8-to 15-pound set), arms hanging in front of thighs, palms facing in, feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent. Squeeze shoulder blades down and together and contract abs, bringing spine to a neutral position.

B. Keeping knees slightly bent, with back and arms straight, flex forward at hips until you feel a slight tension in your hamstrings.

C. Contract your butt and hamstrings, as you straighten to a standing position (never moving your feet) and repeat.

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