We hit up celeb trainer Courtney Paul during his workout at David Barton Gym for his no-B.S. approach to sculpting strong arms

By Kylie Gilbert

In our new series, "Trainer Talk," certified personal trainer and founder of CPXperience Courtney Paul gives his no-B.S. answers to all of your burning fitness questions. This week: What's the secret to toned arms? (And in case you missed last week's Trainer Talk installment: Why Can't I Only Do Cardio?)

According to Paul, it comes down to three things. First is variety. Switch up your moves with different types of exercises, including both bodyweight moves (like these exercises from Shaun T) and traditional dumbbell moves, to hit all the different sides of the muscle.

Next up? Consistency. You won't get results from one day of strength training. (See: Does Strength Training Once a Week Actually Do Anything For Your Body?) Lift two or three times a week, and even if you aren't focusing solely on arms, throw in some quickie moves like triceps dips on your leg day, Paul says. (Check out this five-minute arm workout video from Barry's Bootcamp trainer Rebecca Kennedy for effective moves you can squeeze into your crazy schedule.)

Lastly, if you want toned arms, you need to focus on your reps. If you think you can only do 15, push yourself to 20, Paul says. Because as every trainer will tell you, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.

A great place to make sure you're hitting all three requirements for toned arms? Our 30-Day Arm Challenge.

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