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Try These Modifications When You're Tired AF In Your Workout Class

You know those really intense bootcamp-style classes that have your muscles feeling like they might actually just give out by the end? Fhitting Room is one of those killer high-intensity workouts, so we tapped certified personal trainer and Fhitting Room instructor Amanda Butler for some tips on how to survive a class like hers without giving up in the last circuit. Instead of collapsing in a heap on the floor (or doing one of those terrible fake burpees and hoping no one notices), try these slightly less muscle-quivering modifications to keep you in proper form—and in your instructor's good graces.

The Move: Burpee
A Place hands on the floor, kick feet back to plank, and drop whole body down to the floor. B Press whole body up and snap feet forward (outside hands) and jump up.

The Modification: Squat Thrust
A Place hands on the floor, kick feet back to plank (make sure to keep a strong core, no sagging in the hips).
B Hop feet forward and jump up.

The Move: Split Jump
A Stand with feet hip-width apart. Jump up and land with one foot forward and the other back in a lunge position.
B Jump up and switch legs in mid-air and land with the opposite foot forward.

The Modification: Lunge
A Start standing with feet hip-width apart. Step back with one foot and lower into a lunge position
B Push back up to standing. Repeat on the opposite side, and keep alternating.

The Move: Renegade Row
A Begin in a high plank position with hands on dumbbells, feet in a wide stance. Squeeze quads, glutes, and abs.
B Row one arm up to rib cage (squeezing behind shoulder blade). Return to floor and row on the other side. Keep alternating.

The Modification: Single Arm Bent Over Row
A Holding a dumbbell in right hand, step forward with left foot into a lunge position (keeping the back leg straight) and rest left forearm on left thigh.
B Keeping shoulders square to the front, lower right arm down and row right arm up. Repeat reps on this side, then switch to the left side.

The Move: Jump Squat
A Standing with feet hip-width apart, lower down into a squat.
B Jump up as high as you can. Be sure to land in a squat position to protect the knees.

The Modification: Air Squat
A Standing with feet hip-width apart, lower hips down into a squat position.
B Stand up. Repeat.

The Move: Box Jump
A Stand about an arm's distance away from the box. Lower down into a squat.
B Jump up using arms for momentum and land softly and quietly on top of the box. Stand up, and then step down.

The Modification: Step Up
A Step up with your right foot, then left.
B Step down with right foot, then left. Repeat with left foot stepping up first.


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