Flow your way to a stronger core with this Vinyasa yoga workout

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It's time to say sayonara to sit-ups. They're boring, repetitive, and not even all that great for you. (More on that in Should You Stop Doing Sit-Ups?) Plus, they don't work your complete core, including the back and sides. If you really want to build strength in your entire middle, the path of least effort (and max results) is yoga. Vinyasa, in particular, works your core from every angle, toning even your back and hips. This also improves your alignment and overall fitness. (Still not convinced? Here are 30 Reasons We Love Yoga.)

In this Vinyasa workout, Grokker Yoga Expert, Tammy Jones Mittell, guides you through a yoga flow sequence focused on the center of your body, in order to activate your abs and improve posture and alignment. Even better: The whole workout only takes 30 minutes, and you can do it in the comfort of your own living room. Take that, exercise excuses. Let's get ready to flow.

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