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Watching Guys Try to Do Yoga Is Just As Hilarious As It Sounds

Some guys are quick to scoff at your morning yoga ritual. Yeh, we roll our eyes when that happens, too. (Um, haven't they seen these incredibly difficult yoga poses?) 

Well, that's why we asked a handful of guys to join us in the studio for a little put-your-downward-dog-where-your-mouth-is test. Let's just say there were pulled muscles, shocking amounts of inflexibility, a little sex ed. (you'll see), and lots of laughs. The next time your guy friend starts to tease you for working on your handstand, show him this. (Then, ask him if he can spot you.)

Now, we're not saying every guy is anti-yoga (more men are hitting the yoga mat than ever before), but if you don't know what you're doing, some of the poses are downright impossible...and funny to watch. We've gotta hand it the guy who thinks Warrior 3 should be renamed Superman—ahem, Superwoman—a cape is the perfect accessory for this move. And while there is one dude who actually nailed most of the poses we threw at him, the general takeaway was some cursing and confusion.

Just when you thought guys were just not cut out for yoga, these Ridiculously Hot Guys Doing Yoga come in, and...sorry, we lost our train of thought. Wink. Wink.


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