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We Worked Out with Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt

From Alessandra Ambrosio to Adriana Lima to Gisele Bundchen, the strong and fit bodies of the Victoria's Secret Angels are nothing short of inspiring. High up on our fitspo list? New Angel Martha Hunt. (The rest of this year's Angels are pretty inspiring too.) Not only is Hunt's Instagram proof that she's a total badass in the gym, but she also had a pretty epic sword fight with Taylor Swift in her 'Bad Blood' music video. So when we had the chance to get in the ring with her in celebration of Victoria's Secret Sports' new sports bra line, we jumped at the opportunity. Watch the video to see five killer Aeropower moves from her trainer Michael Olajide, Jr., a former champion boxer and co-founder of New York City's Aerospace Gym, then add the moves below into your next sweat sesh.

Straight Punch Combinations 

What it works: Arms, shoulders, and pecs

How to do it: Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keep abs tight, and fists above the collar bone. Extend the arms and rotate fists to the 95 percent extension. Start punching slow, left then right. Build up speed until going as fast as possible until completing 60 seconds.


What it works: Core and obliques

How to do it: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with knees bent and abs tight. Touch knuckles together. Shoulders, elbows, and fists should be the same height. Keep head pointing forward. Start twisting slowly left to right. Do not allow lower body to sway at all and keep core engaged throughout. Build up speed until finally going as fast as possible. Do this for 60 seconds non-stop.


What it works: Quads and glutes

How to do it: Balance on right leg, squatting low as if in a curtsey lunge. Spread arms high like wings, straightening standing leg. Lower back down into squat, touching hands to ground. Repeat. Do this 25 times on each leg.

Speed Skater Squat 

What it works: Glutes and thighs

How to do it: Balance on right leg. Squat down, touching the ground with left hand. Step to the left side, shifting weight to balance on left leg, touching the ground with right hand. Continue alternating sides. Do 4 sets of 25.

Ankle Touch Squat

What it works: Glutes, calves, and quads

How to do it: Drop into a full squat, feet shoulder width apart. Explode off the ground, touching ankles when legs are straight at the top of the movement. Land softly back in a squat. Do 4 sets of 25.


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