You're doing bodyweight workouts and lifting weights, but you swear you don't look any stronger. What gives?

Yes, getting stronger is satisfying as hell, but let's be real: We want that muscle definition too, so we look as good as we feel. So why aren't you seeing it, even if you're strength training a ton and lifting heavier weights? We interrupted celeb trainer and founder of CPXperience Courtney Paul during his workout at David Barton Gym to get the low-down.

First things first: Your diet is crucial. You can work out all you want, but your nutrition is key to seeing muscle definition. (Fill your diet with these seven nutrients that can help increase muscle tone.) Some tips: Increase your water intake, incorporate more veggies and lean proteins, and try to stay away from refined sugar, complex carbs, or other foods that can make you bloated. (The latest research shows these superfoods help promote less stomach fat so you can show off those abs faster.)

Next up: You have to get in your cardio. Try increasing your cardio to at least three days per week with spinning, boxing, or something fun that will help you burn calories so you can help your body transition from a higher percentage of body fat into more lean muscle mass. After all, you need the cardio to help you shed fat so you can actually see all of your hard work underneath, Paul says.

See you on the treadmills!