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Work Out Like a Sports Illustrated Model with This Partner Boxing Workout

If you're looking to take your workout routine up a notch in anticipation of bikini season, who better to learn from than a crazy toned swimwear model? We tapped Ebonee Davis, who recently appeared for the first time in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, to walk us through the boxing moves she does regularly to stay in tip-top shape. Lucky for us, Davis' boyfriend just so happens to be a boxer and trainer at Aerospace NYC. (That's also where We Worked Out With Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt.)

The workout below incorporates plenty of jump roping to help get your heart rate up, while challenging your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, and even core muscles, Hopkins says. (That's just one of the 11 Reasons We Love Boxing!) You'll also find lower body moves like leg throws and squats to help you build lower-body power to help you punch more effectively (and get out of the way of oncoming punches), he explains. The end goal? To challenge your entire body while building agility, power, and endurance. Grab your workout buddy or your S.O. and get started! (Want more? See this multi-tasking, mega fat-burning boxing interval routine.)

A. Both partners perform the basic jump rope simultaneously for one minute.
B. Partners alternate to see who can do the most basic jumps with speed in one minute.

A. Partners take turns lying on the floor while the other partner stands over them throwing their legs towards the floor. The person on the floor should not allow their feet to touch the floor and raise their legs 90 degrees to be thrown again. Perform 20 reps at 90 degrees and 20 reps at 30 degrees.

A. Partners assist each other in performing one-leg squats. Perform eight reps on the right leg and eight reps on the left leg.

A. Build a 1-2-3 or jab right hand hook combination for one minute, followed by 30 seconds of the combination performed back to back.

Each partner assist by punching at the other while they perform defensive moves in orthodox and south paw boxing stances.
A. Defensive slips for one minute (Orthodox and South Paw)
B. Defensive rolls for one minute (Orthodox and South Paw)

Each partner will take turns blocking oncoming punches and returning punches.
A. 1 min catch jab, 1 Jab back; 1 min jab, 2 Jab back; 1 min catch jab, 3 Jabs back
B. 1 min catch jab, 1 right hand back; 1 min jab, 2 right back; 1 min catch jab, 3 rights back
C. 1 min firing continuous Jab, Right Hand combination

A. Both partners execute a double turn jump every eight counts for one minute.
B. Then both partners take turns seeing who can perform the most double turn jumps consecutively.


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