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The Yoga Flow That Improves Your Relationships

Relationship trouble? Turn to your yoga mat. In general, relationships can benefit from 1) having a strong sense of self, and 2) having an open heart and mind. This yoga flow, designed by yogi Sadie Nardini, creator of Sadie Nardini's Ultimate Yoga App, will help you do both those things: strengthen your core center and cultivate an open heart.

You'll start with some basic breathing to fire things up (using her belly bonfire breathing technique), and move through poses that literally open your chest muscles (hi, cat pose and deep lunge twists), chisel your abs (thanks to boat pose), and test your resolve (basically everything else). In the end, you'll come out stronger in body and mind. The flow is divided up into three mini flows—so if you only have five minutes, you can power through one and be done. Dedicate 15 minutes to try all three, and by the end, you'll feel like a whole new human inside and out. (Better yet, finish off with this guide on how to meditate for an open heart, and you're sure to be feeling the love.)

Follow along with Sadie in the video to flow your way into a loving mindset, and check out her other yoga moves, like these core strengthenersdetox poses, and handstand drills. (Or grab her app for pose tutorials, full flows, and to ask her Qs directly.)


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