This one move will flush your body of all that "yuck" so you can get ~centered~.

By Lauren Mazzo

The holidays are full of indulgent moments, and here's to enjoying them. There's no reason to feel guilty about it-it's a #treatyoself season that perfectly leads into the fresh start of the New Year (the perfect time to vow to make 2017 your personal best).

If you're feeling blah after all those sugary treats and boozy parties, you probably want something that will make you feel better, stat. That's where this quickie detox yoga shred from Sadie Nardini comes in, with one move that'll flush your body and get everything moving around. Do this in the morning to give your body a kick-start, add it to your workout as a way to prime your body for the exercise to come, or do it anywhere when you're feeling like a total blob.

Follow along with Sadie in the video above, or follow the steps below for a fast yoga detox. (Like Sadie's style? You'll also love her 10-minute fiery weight-loss yoga flow.)

A. Stand near the back of the mat. Step right foot forward about 6 inches, and bend down to plant hands on the floor about 10 inches in front of feet.

B. With bent right leg, lift straight left leg up to reach toward top back corner of the room. Press into palms and lift right heel to hover off of the floor.

C. Inhale to bend arms and right leg slightly. Exhale, and kick left leg up, hopping right foot off floor, pressing into palms. Inhale to bend everything in toward center, then exhale to kick. Repeat for about 1 minute.

D. Take a break by kneeling on the floor, sitting back so hips are over heels. Interlace hands behind your hips and stretch to open up the chest. Fold forward over legs and lift arms to the sky.

Repeat the move on the other side.

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