Updated: October 09, 2012

Do you read on the treadmill? Stop! It's distracting, and prevents you from working as hard-and burning as many calories-as you could be. What's more, when you look down at a book or magazine your posture suffers, which wreaks havoc on your form.

Here are two other super-easy ways (from our July issue, on newsstands now) to instantly boost your workout benefits. Try them today!

Close your eyes during core moves on the stability ball You'll force your muscles to contract more to keep you balanced, which helps you get faster results. Try it during ball crunches or when you're doing a plank with your feet or hands on the ball.

Switch your grip The next time you do biceps curls or shoulder raises, try reversing your palms. The simple change will target your muscles from a different angle, prompting new results.



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