Updated: October 04, 2012

I hate turning my clock back for daylight savings. The first few weeks afterward I'm starving for dinner by 5 p.m. and nodding off on the couch at 10. And the early dusk has another unfortunate side effect: It makes after-work walks and runs more dangerous. If you now find yourself exercising in the dark, follow these safety tips. Have one to add? Please tell me about it!

  • At dawn or dusk, wear clothing that has reflective details or stick a few Firefly High-Viz Stickpak strips to your clothes.
  • If you head outdoors in complete darkness, clip a light to your collar or waistband so drivers will easily spot you. Check out the Brooks Nightlife Magnetic LED light ($15; brooksrunning.com).
  • Always carry an I.D. (a friend of mine sticks one of her business cards in the pocket of her running shorts-smart idea!)
  • Tell someone where you're going-jot down the time you leave, where you plan on going, and when you think you'll be back, and leave it by your phone, computer monitor, or on your fridge.


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