Updated: July 25, 2013

I recently visited Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in Vista, California. I was only there for a day, but I took full advantage: Between a delicious breakfast and lunch, I walked around the property's 200 acres, took a body-sculpting class, cooled off with a swim in the pool, and indulged in a heavenly deep-tissue massage. I even squeezed in a yoga class before hitting the road. I arrived home three hours later completely wiped out, and was fast asleep at 9:30.

But the next day, I woke up refreshed, happy, and in the mood for oatmeal instead of my usual blueberry scone. I even did something I haven't attempted in months: I ran in the morning. Taking that one-day break from my real life--with nothing to focus on but walking to my next fitness class--was just what I needed to get me excited about working out and eating well again.

You don't have to escape to a spa to get the same benefit; instead, devote one day (or even a few hours) entirely to your health--and make the phone, TV, and computer off-limits. Start with a healthy breakfast and then head to the gym and try a new class or two. Afterward, relax in the steam room, take a long shower, and go to your favorite restaurant for lunch. If you work out at home, load up on fitness DVDs at the library or try a new Shape routine (I'm still loving the Bikini Body Countdown workouts).



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