Updated: October 04, 2012

I can count on one hand-okay, two fingers-the number of hockey games I've attended, so I wasn't sure what to expect of the Canada-Germany bout I went to on Tuesday night. I knew one thing for sure though: I wouldn't be mentioning that I was from the States. (After our men's team defeated the Canucks on Sunday night, the ol' red-white-and-blue flag became pretty unpopular in hockey-crazed Vancouver.) So I left my American flag, hat, and U.S.A. scarf at home and was a Candian fan for the night.

The stadium was a sea of folks in red, ringing cowbells and screaming "Go Cananda Go!" And every time the Candian goalie, Roberto Luongo's name was announced the fans erupted into a chorus of "Loooo." (I mistakenly interpreted it as "Boo" for the first period-sorry, fans, that was me in section 206 booing your goalie!)

It had been a few years since I'd attended a hockey game, and I was in awe of the strength and skill the players show on the ice. It's one thing to be a talented skater or be able to handle a stick... but both? These guys are awesome! As the end of the third period approached, the crowd started cheering "We want Russia! We want Russia" referring to the next country the team would face (and go on to beat) in the semi-finals. (The score on Tuesday night was 8 to 2, Canada.)

While it was fun to be a Canuck fan for an evening, I quickly switched back to my Team U.S.A. allegiance the next morning when I headed to Whistler to watch the women's giant slalom. Check back tomorrow to hear all about it!



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