Updated: October 04, 2012

Today's blogger: Janet Lee, Shape's deputy editor

I can't decide if I like all the pressure that comes with January 1 and the whole resolution frenzy or not. Part of me looks forward to the clean-slate feeling of starting over with renewed energy and optimism. The other part of me doesn't want to put so much importance on goals set at a certain time of year (you can make resolutions all year long!). So in 2009, I've decided to tackle a new resolution each month, instead of front-loading them all in January.

First up: Reinvigorate my workout routine. As an editor at Shape and a certified trainer, I realize there are dozens of ways to accomplish this. But I'm planning to do three things that I know will help me reach some ongoing, long-term goals, which are to keep my weight in check as I head into my 40s and fight stress. Here's how I'll jazz up my exercise program:

  1. I'm going to commit to weight training two days a week (I've let myself slide with just one weekly session and that's not enough for me). I need to keep my metabolism revved.

  2. I'm going to do two or three interval cardio workouts a week (group cycling, my all-time favorite type of exercise, will help me notch those). More and more research points to the health and fitness benefits of high-intensity exercise.

  3. I'm going to take a restorative yoga class once a week. This should deliver the knock-out punch to stress and it will help loosen up my desperately tight hips.

That seems like a reasonable list and it's in line with what experts recommend when making resolutions: They're attainable, specific, and tie into some very important life goals. To help ensure my success, I'm going to start ASAP so I don't wake up on January 1 with this huge overblown expectation looming over me ("If you don't go to yoga class you've failed!"

What are your exercise resolutions?



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