Updated: October 03, 2012

When it comes to our cover workouts, this month's is hands-down my favorite. It's an easy-to-follow routine that you can do anywhere with little or no equipment. But honestly, I just love Jenna Fischer!

When I arrived on set for the photo shoot, she was eating lunch with the crew and stood up to introduce herself to me. (As if I didn't recognize her!) And while we shot her, she smiled for every single take-even when I made her jump over a step 20 times so we could catch her at just the right moment-and cracked jokes with the crew. She also suggested that I find prop weights that look like metal but are really hollow plastic… interesting idea. And when we were done, Jenna gave me a hug and thanked me for working with her.

Living in Los Angeles and working for Shape, I've met a lot of celebs, but rarely do I think, "That's someone I'd love to hang out with." Jenna is that kind of person. If you love her on The Office, check out our November issue and get to know her even better. Jenna and me after her cover-workout shoot.



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