Updated: October 03, 2012

Have you tried massaging your muscles with a foam roller? I'm totally hooked. After every workout (and often before, too) I sit on a roller, cross one leg over the other, and then roll back and forth to ease tension in my glutes. Then I repeat the process on my lats, hip flexors, and hamstrings. When I hit a really tight spot I stay put, applying steady pressure until the ache turns into an aahh. I've found that doing this regularly has helped reduce some of the stiffness I feel after sitting at a desk all day.

You can buy a foam roller at Target or any store that carries fitness gear. To get the benefits on the cheap, follow this tip from celebrity trainer Ashley Borden (who's worked with Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and Natasha Bedingfield): Use a piece of PVC pipe (you can buy it for about $5 at a hardware store) in place of a roller. A warning: It's not as forgiving as foam, so go easy!



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