Updated: October 03, 2012


sister, Chris, visited me last weekend…and left her husband and three kids at

home in New Jersey! Besides eating, gossiping, shopping, and drinking wine, we

did something we haven't done together since high school: exercised!

On Saturday morning we went to the

YogaWorks Center for Yoga. Chris does yoga weekly, but it had been more than

six months for me, so we opted for a level 1 hatha class. I learned more about

form in that hour-and-a-half than I've learned in years. A few of my favorite tips:

  • When you're in Down Dog: Try to flatten the area between
    your thumb and index finger to help you ground your hands better. Also,
    look at your hands-it prevents you from tucking your head, which strains
    your neck.
  • In Warrior 1 (or any lunge,
    : Imagine
    pulling your thighs away from each other; this makes you activate your leg
    muscles, which helps prevent your knees from tracking in. Also, try to
    point your tailbone straight down to the floor to keep your back aligned.


enjoyed the class so much I bought a 2-week pass! Tonight I'm trying another

hatha session…and I'm going to put what I learned in the last one to use.

P.S. On Sunday

Chris and I went for a two-hour hike on one of my favorite trails: Mount Lee.

(If you're in L.A., park at Beachwood and Holyridge Drives; or pick it up in

Griffith Park.) Check us out-the photo's a little blurry, but I guess that's

what you get when you beg a runner to stop and take your picture!



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