Updated: July 25, 2013

Lately I've been using resistance bands to help rehabilitate my shoulder. I've designed a short routine of exercises I do every other day while I watch TV. Last night I was doing a set of side lateral raises while catching up on Brothers & Sisters when the band just snapped! I didn't get hurt, but it scared the heck out of me. So I did a little research online (yes, I'm that kind of person) and found out a few things:

  • Flat bands are more likely to break than tubes
  • You should inspect bands periodically for tears
  • Keep bands in a cool, dark place (oops-my sunny living room clearly isn't cutting it)
  • Bands eventually dry out and become brittle (duh! after all, they're just giant rubber bands)

I bought a new handled resistance tube today and I'm going to store it under my bed.

While I'm rambling on, here's one one of my favorite resistance-band (or tube) exercises: a squat with reverse fly. It's still tough for me to raise my right arm to shoulder level, so this move is killer for me. But you might want to hold a dumbbell in each hand to make it more challenging.



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