Updated: October 02, 2012

Call it the cubicle slave rebellion. Tired of bagging the gym in favor of just another email or 30, three of our friends at Lemondrop.com decided to ditch the complaining and the too-tight jeans and do something about it.

They banded together, joined a gym, bravely bared their body fat percentages to the world, and are logging every morsel that they eat for their 9-to-Fine program.

It's exactly the kind of aha moment-coupled with some group effort and, we're sure, some healthy trash talk-that drives a lifetime of new, healthy moves. So let their stories get YOU started.

Nobody's giving you a fancy personal trainer? Not a problem. Shape's Virtual Trainer gets you there for free.

Now grab your officemates and get rolling. Don't leave all the fun and the feeling great to those three cubicle slaves. Get some yourself. And tell us all about it.



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