Updated: October 02, 2012

Today's blogger: Janet Lee, Shape's deputy editor

I was just on the road for a week for business, first at a meeting, then on a DVD shoot. I ate out with colleagues on four of the nights, had dinner with friends another two nights, and was on my own for one night. As if that wasn't bad enough, during the DVD shoot there was a catered spread for the crew to snack on that was replenished all day long: Cookies, veggies, chips, crackers, cheese, nuts, chocolate, fruit-you name it, we had it.

When I'm home, I eat pretty well, lots of fruit and veggies and only the occasional dinner out. But when I'm traveling, my diet willpower goes out the window. After all the snacks and meals out with wine, I feel like I've gained five pounds. I need to take action. Normally after indulging like this I'd vow to eat better and get to the gym more (I did squeeze in a few workouts during my week away). I'm not a fan of punishing yourself for slipping up, and I certainly don't think you have to work off every little indulgence-what a drag! But I felt I was so egregious and really didn't try hard enough to make better choices-and I'm not going to let myself off easy this time.

My solution: a weekend of penance at the gym. A couple of hours of sweat effort on both Saturday and Sunday should serve as a healthy reminder to do better. So the next time I reach for the cheese and crackers-when I've already had plenty-I'll remember those extra minutes on the treadmill or those back-to-back cycling classes. Then, maybe I'll be a little quicker to flex the willpower on my next business trip.



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