Updated: July 25, 2013

Today's blogger Marissa Stephenson, Shape's associate fitness editor

Want to know what will be the next big thing in the fit-world? I picked the brains of four experts to find out. Happy, healthy new year!

Jason Walsh, personal trainer in Los Angeles, who's helped sculpt celebs like Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale

His prediction "Gym memberships are dropping nationally, but workout video sales are going through the roof. I think even more people will turn to DVDs to tone and trim at home.

Brad Schoenfeld, owner of the Personal Training Center for Women in Scarsdale, New York and author of the Women's Home Workout Bible

His prediction "We'll see a new wave of activity monitoring gadgets that help you keep track of the calories you torch. It's a good thing, because when people have visual proof of how long and far they've gone, they're more motivated to keep exercising."

Chris Fischer, owner of exercise-equipment company Out-Fit in Simi Valley, California

His prediction "Fitness equipment will be armed with even higher-tech features. StarTrac and Expresso have already debuted bikes and ellipticals with interactive games, music, and touch screens, and more companies will follow. These machines keep exercisers engaged-especially the wired set-and psyched to work out."

Valerie Waters, personal trainer in Los Angeles who works with Jennifer Garner

Her predication "Retreats that offer activities like yoga, surfing, and bikini bootcamps will be the hottest vacations. You learn a new sport, get in your workouts, and still get away from it all."



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