By Mallory Creveling and Amy Schlinger
Updated: April 10, 2013

With winter weather in full force, we've been feeling a little unmotivated to get off of our couches and hit the gym. While on a hunt for a workout that wasn't your typical step or spin class, we came across Broadway Bodies in New York City.

This studio offers dance classes based on a variety of musical genres, themes, and artists-for example, Michael Jackson (MJ) Mondays, Glee Flashback Jam, and Cardio Cellblock Tango. In the past, the curriculum has included such classes as Beyonce's Single Ladies, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, or MJ's Thriller. We were extremely intrigued, and decided to give it a try.

The Michael Jackson class began with a group stretch and warm-up routine set to the King of Pop's songs, which definitely got our heart rates up and our blood flowing. The instructor, Rommel, then taught us choreography to Michael and Janet Jackson's Scream video. The routine was broken down into counts of eight (common for a dance class), which made it easier to piece together. The moves were challenging and aerobic-and really fun!

After the MJ class, we decided to stick around and give the new Latin Cardio Groove class (the studio's version of Zumba) a whirl. Talk about different sides of the dance spectrum! This class focused more on moving your hips to classic Latin styles, like cha cha and samba. While we weren't quite up to par with some of the more experienced dancers in the studio, we didn't feel noticeably out of step. (Fortunately, all the classes at Broadway Bodies are open to dancers of all levels.)

So whether you're an MJ fan, a total Gleek, or in the mood for some Gaga, Broadway Bodies has a class for you. Be sure to check out the video here to see our final performance (hey, we're all works in progress!), and hear a bit about the class from our awesome instructor, Rommel.

If you're in New York, take a class and let us know what you think!

--Mallory Creveling and Amy Schlinger


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