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Workout Motivation: Facebook Fans Share What Inspires Them to Stay Fit

My Daughter

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"My 3-year-old daughter! She asks me everyday if she can do my workouts with me! Who knew a 3-year-old could keep a 25-year-old accountable? :)"

—Meghan Holmes McCall

Staying Young

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"Aging. I don't want my body to get in the way of all the things I still want to do, fitness is the main way of being around and active to do all that :)"

—Becca Wollman

My Strength

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"Being STRONG and healthy to set a good example for my kids!"

—Rose Hughes

My Trip to Paris

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"I'm going to Paris next spring. That's my goal & motivation. :)"

—Debbie Montaner

Living My Best Life

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"Getting fit is the first step that I'm taking to completely change my life and invite blessings and positive things into it. If I can commit to this first goal, then my other goals will be that much more achievable."

—Cindy Pierre

Ernestine Shepherd

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"World's oldest female body builder, Ernestine Shepherd."

—Leah Lockhart Wisdom

My Son

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"I'm the ONLY mom my son is going to have. It's my JOB to raise him and be healthy for the both of us."

—Christine Jerry

The Biggest Loser

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"Feeling good in my own skin again....and the show Biggest Loser....LOL"

—Erika Magallanes

The Way I Feel

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"The way I feel after a workout is a big motivator. I have more energy, can get more done, and sleep better at the end of the day."

—Lorell Bunn Rogers

My Health

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"Decreasing my risk of having cancer for a second time, as well as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and many other diseases."

—Valerie Kolm


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"Beyonce Knowles."

—Monica Brock

My Friends

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"My friends that work at my gym. They stay on my case and make me accountable. I say I hate them most time. Truth is I love them and couldn't do it with out their help and advice."

—Jaime Smith

Shape Magazine

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"I'm inspired when I flip through Shape magazine - I see women at their best and know I can get there too. Xoxo"

—Meg Hill

My Dog

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"My boyfriend and my dog! My pitbull is hardly two and a half but already has bad hips because of a knee injury last fall. Walking and running keeps her from getting overweight which keeps the hips in check. My dog is my best friend, I want to keep her healthy and that keeps me healthy."

—Sophie Winters

Jonathon Prince

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"JONATHON PRINCE. He is running across cali from top to bottom - INSPIRING! ;)"

—Eden Riddlespur

My Vacation

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"My next beach vacation! I wanna enjoy my time, not be self conscious about what I look like!"

—Jessica Grace Crossley


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