We had a Spotify trend expert recommend this month's most motivating gym song, then created an upbeat playlist around it to pump up your workout

By Ashley Mateo
April 01, 2015
Corbis Images

We all know that a good music playlist is crucial to a good workout, right? Even science says so. Sometimes, though, finding those tunes can be tough. While the radio plays the same Top 40 songs on repeat, the internet has almost too many options-how can you choose the jams that will fuel your workout when your friends recommend everything from Charli XCX to Action Bronson?

To help you weed through all the workout-friendly tracks out there, we turned to those who know best: the minds behind Spotify. Shanon Cook, Spotify's trends expert, picked Fifth Harmony's "This Is How We Roll" as April's top workout song. "Working equally effectively as a club jam and a treadmill motivator, this track pulsates with an alluring electro beat, and is my favorite from the girl group's exciting debut album, Reflection," she told us.

So we took the X Factor girl group's tune and build a whole playlist around it, full of our favorite new, trending, and buzzy songs from female artists who can really belt it out.