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10 CrossFit Songs to Help You Crush Your Next WOD

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Diehard fans swear by CrossFit's signature mix of strength and conditioning exercises that draw from aerobics, gymnastics, and Olympic weight-lifting. While the routines themselves may be eclectic, the intensity is a constant. To match that feverish pitch, we've compiled a list of equally hard-hitting rock, rap, and electronic tracks.

While the songs below come from the three genres above, they can also be broken down into two sub-categories of intensity: uncompromising vocals and uptempo beats. If you get more of a charge from the lyrics of a song, check out the latest from Kanye West or the pair of surprisingly aggressive songs from Rihanna and Drake. If a driving rhythm is more likely to get you in motion, start with one of the songs above 130 beats per minute (BPM)—like the bracing contributions from Metric and Nine Inch Nails.

The list also features a pair of collaborations that highlight the best of everything here: a club/rock track pitting Afrojack against 30 Seconds to Mars and Kendrick Lamar's hip-hop update of an Imagine Dragons hit. In short, the CrossFit approach to fitness provides lots of variety while increasing the pressure; this mix does exactly the same thing. So when you're ready to turn up your workout a notch, turn up these ten tracks as well. 

Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money - 103 BPM
Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted - 131 BPM
Kanye West, Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney - All Day - 123 BPM
Afrojack & 30 Seconds to Mars - Do or Die (Remix) - 128 BPM
Metric - Breathing Underwater - 143 BPM
Breathe Carolina & Karmin - Bang It Out - 130 BPM
Taddy Porter - Shake Me - 131 BPM
Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar - Radioactive - 139 BPM
Nero - Doomsday - 121 BPM
Drake - Energy - 86 BPM

To find more workout songs, check out the free database at Run Hundred. You can browse by genre, tempo, and era to find the best songs to rock your workout.


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