Swap these up-tempo hits in for your usual jams to cover more miles in the same amount of time
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It's tough to find songs in the Top 40 with quicker tempos than 132 BPM. There are a number of reasons for this, but a lot of it has to do with dancing. If a song is too fast, people are less likely to dance to it, which means DJs are less likely to play it in the clubs. And club play is one of the things radio programmers consider most when deciding which new songs to put on the air. To that end, pop artists know that they're more likely to crack the charts if their songs are between 80 and 132 BPM.

Why should you care about the connection between dancing, clubs, and radio play? Because it means that most hit singles are too slow for your average workout. This playlist focuses on those rare tracks that managed to creep onto the airwaves with tempos of 140 BPM or faster. Try a few during your next run and you might notice a difference in your total distance.

Here's the full playlist:

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