Experience the best of the fest during your next workout with this pumped-up playlist


Each summer, America is overrun with a collection of festivals and package tours-many of which owe a debt to the original Lollapalooza tours from the early '90s. In fairness, Lollapalooza owes debts to a series of other festivals going all the way back to Woodstock. But regardless of where you start counting, the common thread is that these get-togethers let folks take in a lot of what's new and great in music in just a few days.

This playlist distill things further-down to just 10 songs from some of Lollapalooza 2014's most exciting acts. On one end of the spectrum, you've got headliners like Eminem and Kings of Leon. Elsewhere you'll find college radio favorites Fitz & The Tantrums, dirty dance trio Krewella, and crossover successes Foster the People. Also present below is Cash Cash, a group that started out as a power pop band before hitting its stride with a string of original club tracks and remixes for Capital Cities, Katy Perry, and Icona Pop.

No matter where your musical interests lie-guitars, turntables, big names, new faces-there's something at Lollapalooza for everyone. So, even if you're not making the trek to Chicago for the festival itself, there's still plenty here to keep you company on your next trek to the gym. With BPMs in the low hundreds, this playlist pairs perfectly with low-impact cardio, long-distance runs, and strength training. Click to preview these songs to see for yourself!

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