Burn through your routine with a mix of hits from the returning Queen of Pop

By Chris Lawhorn
November 11, 2015
Corbis Images

It's no small feat to become a household name, but the superstars who manage this on first-name-only basis are on another level entirely. Think Madonna. Think Whitney. Think Taylor. In this playlist, we survey the best workout tracks from another member of this exclusive club, whose status was cemented when she sold 20 million copies of a little album called Janet.

The mix kicks off with an industrial funk masterpiece and closes out with the track that shut down the 1993 Video Music Awards. In between, you'll find classic anthems like "Escapade," more recent hits like "Feedback," and a club collaboration with Missy Elliott from Janet's first new album in seven years, Unbreakable. Don't be put off by the lower beats per minute (BPMs) of these tracks. If you've ever seen a Janet Jackson video, you know these songs are built to inspire movement.

Beats and melodies aside, there is a determination in Janet's music that's uncommon in pop. It's no coincidence that her catalog includes albums entitled Control and Discipline. Put simply, in the gym-and beyond-this is a woman you want on your side. Here are 10 ways to enlist her help...

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