Take the guesswork out of marathon training with a workout playlist that makes it so easy to stay on target

By Chris Lawhorn
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When prepping for a marathon, setting-and perfecting-your pace can be a large concern, since it directly affects your finish time. Even when you're not running competitively, you still might want to track it so you know where you stand in comparison to your peers and past efforts. While there are many ways you monitor your pace, running to the beat of a song is by far the most fun. And, with the help of this handy mix, it's so easy to do!

In the U.S. last year, the average runner took between 9:45 and 10:45 minutes to run each mile of a marathon, according to a Running USA Report. This speed loosely translates to a 142 to 152 strides per minute pace. To that end, we created an exercise playlist containing only songs with 142 to 152 BPM (beats per minute) so you can see what an average pace feels like. Whether you're trying to hit that stride or rise above it, these 10 songs can fuel your fire. (For longer workouts, add these 10 Fast Tracks for Your Running Playlist to the lineup.)

Although the pace is relatively static, the songs here are dynamic, including ones from superstar DJs Avicii and Skrillex, recent chart favorites Echosmith, and a mix of Top 40 hits from Bruno Mars and Avril Lavigne. These big beats are definitely fast enough to give you an invigorating workout with race training benefits. Here is the full list:

To find more workout songs, check out the free database at Run Hundred. You can browse by genre, tempo, and era to find the best songs to rock your workout.

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