10 May Workout Songs to Get You Pumped for Summer

A playlist based on Spotify's top workout song for May will help you turn up the volume on your fitness routine in preparation for bikini season

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With bikini weather just around the corner, chances are you're looking to supercharge your workout. Good news: We've got the scoop from the music experts over at Spotify to help you turn up the volume on your fitness routine this month.

May's top workout song? Jason Derulo's "Want to Want Me," says Shanon Cook, Spotify's trends expert. "Jason Derulo has been on a hot streak for more than a year, and this jam keeps the momentum going. 'Want To Want Me' shows us JD can bring the falsetto as well as JT can, and its feel-good vibe makes us feel great about the world," she told us.

Since we're always after feel-good vibes, we designed a playlist around this song filled with club/pop tracks that will help boost your performance in your next workout. Now, let's do this!

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