These speedy songs will help you pick up the pace.

By Chris Lawhorn and Karla Walsh
Updated October 04, 2019
Credit: Henrik Sorensen

While pop songs are often upbeat, they're not always uptempo. Simply put, the beat that'll get you onto a dance floor doesn't necessarily make for the best running playlist material. In either instance, you'll be moving, but when you add tempo to the mix, that's when you'll really start to break a sweat. (Seriously: Science has proven that listening to music makes you more active.)

So to kick your cardio up a notch, here are two different best running playlists packed with fast-paced songs from multiple genres. The first is full of flashback hits at a moderately high tempo to power you through longer runs (at just over an hour, making this the best running playlist for acing a beginner's half-marathon training program). The second best running playlist below is all fast-paced tunes to help you crush running interval workouts and really pick up speed. 

Need more tunes to round out your best running playlist so you have new music for every minute of your training sesh? Hand-pick your favorites from our top 170+ epic workout songs to add to your personalized best running playlist mix.

The Best Running Playlist for a Long Run

  • The Shock of the Lightning — Oasis
  • My Apocalypse — Metallica
  • Damaged — Danity Kane
  • Womanizer — Britney Spears
  • Disturbia — Rihanna
  • I Don’t Care — Fall Out Boy
  • The Right Life (Tiesto Remix) — Seal
  • Gettin’ Up — Q-Tip
  • Shawty Get Loose — Lil Mama (feat. Chris Brown and T-Pain)
  • Psychosocial — Slipknot
  • Going Wrong — Armin van Buuren, DJ Shah, Chris Jones
  • About a Girl — The Academy Is…
  • A Milli — Lil Wayne
  • Universal Mind Control (UMC) — Common 
  • Feedback — Janet Jackson
  • I Kissed a Girl — Katy Perry
  • Something is Not Right With Me — Cold War Kids

The Best Running Playlist for Sprints and Intervals

  • Latch — Disclosure and Sam Smith
  • Coming of Age — Foster the People
  • Higher Ground — TNGHT
  • High You Are (Branchez Remix) — What So Not
  • Supernova — Ray LaMontagne
  • Asleep at the Wheel — Band of Skulls 
  • I Will Steal You Back — Jimmy Eat World 
  • Now — Paramore
  • Radioactive — Imagine Dragons (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  • Phantoms Can't Hang — Deadmau5