She can write, rap, and rock your workouts! Let Nicki Minaj score your gym sesh with this fierce exercise playlist

By Chris Lawhorn
May 25, 2015

By operating under a variety of aliases-like Roman Zolanski, Nicki Teresa, and Point Dexter-Nicki Minaj has been able to squeeze a remarkable number of different styles into her three pink-themed albums. This kind of variety makes her music ideal for scoring a workout, as she's got something that'll match your mood and pace, no matter what you're doing.

Most rap music hovers between 80-100 beats per minute (BPM), making it ideal for strength-based exercises like crunches, lifting, and so on. What these songs lack in speed they make up for in lyrical intensity-as demonstrated in Minaj's collaborations with David Guetta, Drake, and Madonna below. What makes Minaj's music unique, though, is the ease with which she moves into higher tempos. Her three biggest solo hits ("Super Bass," "Anaconda," and "Starships") all clock in above 120 BPM-making them a better fit for the cardio portion of your workout.

In the list below, there are also tracks where Minaj was brought in to lay a new verse on an existing hit (see the Carly Rae Jepsen and Britney Spears remixes). In each case, she took something that was already working and breathed a little fire into it-which is precisely what this playlist should do for your exercise routine.

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