By Karen Asp
Updated: September 21, 2014

You know how motivating music is when you're working up a sweat. In yoga, though, it's usually in the background so it doesn't become a distraction. Not anymore! Flow Play, a new Vinyasa yoga class at Equinox, uses the motivating power of music to help you get serious toning out of every posture.

See for yourself with this courage-themed playlist designed by Flow Play cocreators Lashaun Dale, Derek Beres, and Phillip Steir. Pick a yoga routine, then add these energizing songs to your music player to help you visualize your goals.

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The Introspecting - Pete Kuzma

The Dub Sutras (Sensual Sutras Mix) - Desert Dwellers

In My Tribe - Eccodek

Rama - EarthRise SoundSystem

Beyond I- Adham Shaikh

Earth to the Sun - EarthRise SoundSystem

Goddess Invocation - Go-Ray & Duke

The Realness - Srikalogy

Still in Time - DJ Drez

Bhakti Gita - Masood Ali Khan

Saraswati - Sheela Bringi

Vishranti - Dave Eggar Quartet


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