Reinvigorate your outdoor workouts with uptempo songs from Jennifer Lopez, Avicii, Owl City, and more of esteemed artists embracing the sunshine

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Even if the weather has been fickle, it's official: spring is here. In honor of outdoor running season we've created a playlist featuring new, invigorating songs to get you up on your feet and out on the street.

Kick off your workout as you "Feel the Light" and warm up to Jennifer Lopez's latest ballad for the new movie Home, then pick up the pace with Avicii's heartfelt, chart-peaking hit, "The Days." From there, feel free to lose yourself in spring break anthems and cheerful numbers with lyrics celebrating warmer weather and sunshine.

Blending positive tunes with uptempo rhythms, upbeat vocals, and positive themes, this playlist provides the musical encouragement you need to step out of winter hibernation and embrace your outdoor workouts.

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