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10 Workout Songs You Won't Hear on Top 40 Radio


For lots of people, "workout music" is synonymous with "pop music." The logic is straightforward: if something will get you moving in a club, surely it'll get you moving in a gym. Nevertheless, there's a wealth of great workout music beyond the Top 40. For this playlist, we handpicked a few of our current favorites.

The list kicks off with a warm-up track from college radio favorites MisterWives and winds down with a thundering number from the ageless Billy Idol. In the middle, you'll find new tracks from conceptual rockers Coheed & Cambria, breakthrough duo Twenty One Pilots, and The Strokes' guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. Elsewhere in the mix, there's a one-off single from The Offspring, the latest from Austin's beloved Spoon, and a suprisingly understated track from The Madden Brothers (of Good Charlotte fame).

If you're weary of pop, these tracks represent the tip of a musical iceberg. At the same time, if you love pop, your current playlist is almost always in jeopardy of getting played out. Swapping in another genre for the week can help you break up your routine, and your usual favorites will sound better after some time apart. So wherever your tastes lie, there's something below that'll get you moving.

MisterWives – Reflections – 111 BPM
Third Eye Blind – Everything Is Easy – 128 BPM
Spoon – Do You – 128 BPM
The Madden Brothers – We Are Done – 122 BPM
The Offspring – Coming for You – 140 BPM
Coheed & Cambria – Island – 136 BPM
Big Black Delta – It’s OK – 134 BPM
Albert Hammond, Jr. – Losing Touch – 138 BPM
Twenty One Pilots – Tear in My Heart – 120 BPM
Billy Idol – Bitter Pill – 115 BPM

To find more workout songs, check out the free database at Run Hundred. You can browse by genre, tempo, and era to find the best songs to rock your workout.


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