These high-energy jams will help you perform at your peak


If your workout music is starting to get a little stale, it's time to revitalize your playlist (and your exercise routine) with these high-energy songs. Check out the playlist below and then visit iTunes to hear samples and download the tracks. Bonus: When you download the playlist you get a free digital booklet of Shape workout tips!

1. Blurred Lines (HumanJive Remix) by d'Macy

2. Treasure (HumanJive Remix) by G.G.

3. Live It Up (DJ Shocker Remix) by Paulette

4. I Love It (DJ Shocker Remix) by Paulette

5. Just Give Me a Reason (HumanJive Remix) by Anya Tru

6. Get Lucky (DJ Shocker Remix) by d'Macy

7. Gone, Gone, Gone (DJ Shocker Remix) by Power Trip

8. #Beautiful (feat. Fringe) [HumanJive Remix] by d'Macy

9. Brave (HumanJive Remix) by Starlet

10. Cups (HumanJive Remix) by Starlet

11. 22 (DJ Shocker Remix) by Starlet

12. The Other Side (CPR Remix) by Junior Torrey