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12 New Workout Songs to Make the Time Fly


If your workout music is starting to get a little stale, it's time to revitalize your playlist (and your exercise routine) with these high-energy songs. Check out the playlist below and then visit iTunes to hear samples and download the tracks. Bonus: When you download the playlist you get a free digital booklet of Shape workout tips!

1. Blurred Lines (HumanJive Remix) by d'Macy

2. Treasure (HumanJive Remix) by G.G.

3. Live It Up (DJ Shocker Remix) by Paulette

4. I Love It (DJ Shocker Remix) by Paulette

5. Just Give Me a Reason (HumanJive Remix) by Anya Tru

6. Get Lucky (DJ Shocker Remix) by d'Macy

7. Gone, Gone, Gone (DJ Shocker Remix) by Power Trip

8. #Beautiful (feat. Fringe) [HumanJive Remix] by d'Macy

9. Brave (HumanJive Remix) by Starlet

10. Cups (HumanJive Remix) by Starlet

11. 22 (DJ Shocker Remix) by Starlet

12. The Other Side (CPR Remix) by Junior Torrey

Click here to download these tracks or get the whole playlist on iTunes.


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