4 Playlists Proven to Add Power to Your Workouts

Power, beats, genre, mood: Pick your poison and press play for performance-specific workout songs that can better your sweat sesh

Arthur Belebeau.

You've always known this intuitively. A playlist-even a single song, can urge you to push harder or it can completely kill your workout buzz. But now, thanks to new research on the way music affects the body, scientists have a better understanding of how a specific sequence of tunes can make a big difference in your fitness achievements. Turns out, putting together the right playlist can boost your performance through every stage of your workout, amping up your motivation before you even start, driving you once you're there, and speeding up your recovery after you've finished.

Need ideas for songs to motivate you through your next workout? We've put together a few playlists that may help you hit your sweet spots: A batch with power lyrics, a beat-specific series (ranging from 150 to 180 bpm, it's designed for an 8- to 10-minute-mile running pace), and a fun roundup for hip-hop fans. Plus, check out the cool-down tunes playlist to help you return to a resting state while you walk, foam roll, and stretch-and prepare for your next successful workout sesh.

Power Lyrics:




Playlists compiled by Deekron ‘The Fitness DJ', founder of Motion Traxx.

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