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The 50 Best Workout Songs of 2012

PSY: Gangnam Style

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Love it or hate it, this super catchy YouTube sensation 'ear wormed' its way into our hearts (and our playlists) this year, and we still love going "Gangnam style" at the gym.

Download it now: PSY - Gangnam Style – 134 BPM

Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me Maybe

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You might be sick of it by now, but after singing along to this single during countless summer sweat sessions, it will always hold a special place on our workout playlist.

Download it now: Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe – 120 BPM

Rihanna: We Found Love (Cahill Club Remix)

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With its pumping rhythm and inspiring lyrics, this remix of Rihanna's chart-topping single was a shoe-in for the top five.

Download it now: Rihanna - We Found Love (Cahill Club Remix) - 128 BPM

Usher: Scream

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Another one of our absolute favorite songs of 2012, we could Zumba to this dance track all day long!

Download it now: Usher - Scream - 129 BPM

Avicii: Levels

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It's almost impossible not to move when this song comes on! (Seriously. Turn it up and try to sit still.)

Download it now: Avicii - Levels - 126 BPM

Dragonette: Let it Go

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This 80s throwback is still king when it comes to powering through a long run or cycling workout.

Download it now: Dragonette – Let It Go – 131 BPM

The Ready Set: Give Me Your Hand

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This cheerful track had us pedaling, running, and bouncing to the beat (best song ever for jumping rope!) without watching the clock.

Download it now: The Ready Set – Give Me Your Hand – 125 BPM

Icona Pop and Charlie XCX: I Love It

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This song from the Swedish duo Icona Pop is a little like Abba, The Bangles, and Ace of Base all rolled into one—which makes for one amazing cardio anthem!

Download it now: Icona Pop & Charli XCX - I Love It – 126 BPM

Katy Perry: Part of Me

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Katy Perry's singles are a playlist mainstay, but this girl-power song inspired us to take it to the next level in the gym this year.

Download it now: Katy Perry – Part of Me – 128 BPM

Nicki Minaj: Starships

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Quite possibly one of the best workout songs of all time. Need we say more?

Download it now: Nicki Minaj – Starships – 123 BPM

Lady GaGa: Marry the Night

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If the driving dance beat doesn't do it for you, just imagine Lady GaGa showing of her killer body on stage for a powerful hit of fitspiration!

Download it now: Lady GaGa – Marry The Night – 132 BPM

Flo Rida & Sia: Wild Ones

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Almost every Flo Rida track makes us want to move, but this collaboration with Sia is absolutely perfect for running and high-intensity cardio sessions.

Download it now: Flo Rida & Sia – Wild Ones – 129 BPM

The Wanted: Glad You Came

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Tempted to skip the gym? Make this the first song on your playlist. It sounds cheesy, but once you're there, we promise you'll be glad you came.

Download it now: The Wanted – Glad You Came – 127 BPM

Chris Brown: Turn Up the Music

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We happily turned up the music during many gym sessions this year.

Download it now: Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music – 131 BPM

Bruno Mars: Locked Out of Heaven

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The only thing more inspiring than a great workout song? Seeing it performed live during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Miss it? Check it out now, and file away the link for future fitspiration!

Download it now: Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven - 146 BPM

Breathe Carolina: Blackout

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Put a little dub-step into your sweat session with the high-energy beat of "Blackout."

Download it now: Breathe Carolina - Blackout (Wideboys Remix) - 128 BPM

Pink: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

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The perfect song for when things just aren't going your way, this commanding and catchy single totally helped us work out our frustrations at the gym.

Download it now: Pink – Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – 113 BPM

Adele: Set Fire to the Rain

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When it comes to pushing through your workout, Adele's amazing vocals work like magic.

Download it now: Adele - Set Fire to the Rain - 109 BPM

Ne-Yo: Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)

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There's nowhere this song is better suited than inside the gym (maybe a dance party, but people are sweating there too!).

Download it now: Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) – 125 BPM

Ellie Goulding: Anything Could Happen

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We loved Ellie Goulding's "Lights," and her latest single is even better!

Download it now: Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen – 130 BPM

Cobra Starship & Sabi: You Make Me Feel (Felix Leiter Remix)

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Why does this song make us feel so good? It has catchy lyrics (that we can remember) and a driving rhythm (perfect for matching our stride)—the recipe for an awesome workout song.

Download it now: Cobra Starship & Sabi - You Make Me Feel... (Felix Leiter Remix) - 127 BPM

Green Day: Nuclear Family

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It was great to welcome Green Day back to our workout playlist, and "Nuclear Family" is the perfect punk-rock hit for high-intensity workouts.

Download it now: Green Day – Nuclear Family

Santigold: Disparate Youth

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You may never learn the exact lyrics, but the the keyboard and guitar combo of this catchy tune are enough to keep you going strong.

Download it now: Santigold – Disparate Youth – 152 BPM

Linkin Park: Burn It Down

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Nothing helps you pump out one last rep quite like a hardcore rock song.

Download it now: Linkin Park – Burn It Down – 111 BPM

Jennifer Lopez and PitBull: Dance Again

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It's official: J Lo and Pitbull are a match made in dance-single heaven.

Download it now: Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull - Dance Again - 128 BPM

Swedish House Mafia and John Martin: Don't You Worry Child (Radio Edit)

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Almost every Swedish House Mafia track turns into workout song gold, and this one is no exception.

Download it now: Swedish House Mafia & John Martin – Don't You Worry Child (Radio Edit) – 128 BPM

Fun.: Some Nights

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The fast and slow tempo of this folk and indie pop fusion is perfect for interval training.

Download it now: Fun. – Some Nights – 110 BPM

Muse: Madness

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The progressive, pulsating beat of "Madness" sort of sneaks up on you (kind of like that epic hill in spin class), but the catchy lyrics and lead singer Matthew Bellamy's vocals will help take your mind off the muscle burn.

Download it now: Muse – Madness – 90 BPM

Nero: Promises

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A little too aggressive for some slower strength workouts, this synth track is best for days you really want to push your limits in the gym.

Download it now: Nero - Promises - 144 BPM

One Direction: One Thing

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We couldn't make it through 2012 without working out to at least one One Direction song. With its upbeat chorus and boy band charm, this one really fit the bill.

Download it now: One Direction - One Thing - 127 BPM

Steve Aoki & Rivers Cuomo: Earthquakey People

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I'll still keep on dancing to this tune long after this year is over.

Download it now: Steve Aoki & Rivers Cuomo - Earthquakey People - 128 BPM

Pitbull: Back In Time

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Movie soundtracks are an often-overlooked gold mine for amped-up workout songs. Case in point: Pitbull's retro remix from Men in Black.

Download it now: Pitbull – Back In Time – 126 BPM

Ke$ha: Die Young

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This song has the magic formula to make your workout fly by—extremely catchy lyrics, a good beat, and a great chorus.

Download it now: Ke$ha - Die Young - 128 BPM

Tegan and Sara: Closer

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Some days you just need to sweat. On those days, just press play on Tegan and Sara's "Closer." Trust us.

Download it now: Tegan & Sara - Closer - 138 BPM

Train: 50 Ways to Say Goodbye

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Think Train is too mellow for the gym? Think again! This uptempo single proves the San Franciscan pop rock band has come a long way since "Meet Virginia" and "Drops of Jupiter," though there's a time and place for those tracks too.

Download it now: Train - 50 Ways to Say Goodbye - 139 BPM

Azealia Banks: 212

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Intimidated by the weight room? Add this captivating rap/dance single from newcomer Azealia Banks to your playlist. You'll go from hesitant to seriously hardcore after the first 30 seconds.

Download it now: Azealia – 212

Karmin: Brokenhearted (Razor N Guido Remix)

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You already know the catchy lyrics, and now they're paired with an amped-up pop sound that's guaranteed to get you step-step-steping to the beat.

Download it now: Karmin - Brokenhearted (Razor N Guido Remix) - 128 BPM

Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj: Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)

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This masterful blend of two amazing (and motivating) talents, Nicki Minaj and Alicia Keys, was just what we needed to power through countless workouts this year.

Download it now: Alicia Keys & Nicki Minaj - Girl on Fire (Inferno Version) - 94 BPM

Scissor Sisters: Only The Horses

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The building beat in this captivating single is great for transitions—in between hills, during active recovery intervals, or for the ride home.

Download it now: Scissor Sisters - Only The Horses - 127 BPM

Neon Trees: Everybody Talks

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This fun, fast track is perfect for sprints, as well as rocking out in your bedroom (hey, dancing is an excellent way to torch calories!).

Download it now: Neon Trees - Everybody Talks - 155 BPM

Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera, and Mac Miller: Moves Like Jagger (Remix)

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This remix breathes new life into Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera's toe-tapping single. And just in time; We were almost sick of it.

Download it now: Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera, & Mac Miller - Moves Like Jagger (Remix) - 128 BPM

Christina Aguilera: Your Body

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Listening to Christina Aguilera's spectacular sound is enough to motivate anyone to move—but the high-energy beat certainly helps.

Download it now: Christina Aguilera - Your Body - 104 BPM

Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl & Georgi Kay: In My Mind (Axwell Remix)

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Certain to pump up any playlist, the electronic beat and memorable chorus of this remix is perfect for delivering a burst of energy mid-workout.

Download it now: Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl & Georgi Kay - In My Mind (Axwell Remix) - 127 BPM

Havana Brown and Pitbull: We Run The Night

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Great for cycling, boxing, or running, this Pitbull collaboration will get you revved up and ready to work!

Download it now: Havana Brown & Pitbull - We Run the Night - 136 BPM

The Pretty Black Chains: Ambulance

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Pedal your heart out to the punk-rock beat of this 80s flashback from The Pretty Black Chains.

Download it now: The Pretty Black Chains - Ambulance - 153 BPM

Outasight: Now or Never

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Just listen to the lyrics—"It's now or never." So what are you waiting for?

Download it now: Outasight - Now or Never - 126 BPM

B.o.B. and Taylor Swift: Both Of Us

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Thanks to B.o.B.'s beat, we were finally able to add a Taylor Swift song to the mix this year.

Download it now: B.o.B. & Taylor Swift - Both of Us - 127 BPM

Kelly Clarkson: Catch My Breath

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This single (along with What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)) is one of those tracks we just couldn't skip, no matter how many times it popped up on our playlist.

Download it now: Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath – 125 BPM

Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, & Flo Rida: Get Low

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With so many great artists in one track, the variety of voices alone is enough to keep your mind off the burn and your eyes off the clock.

Download it now: Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, & Flo Rida - Get Low - 125 BPM

OneRepublic: Feel Again

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The ultimate cool-down song, knowing this OneRepublic single is waiting at the end of your playlist will make you look forward to stretching (and maybe even some extra foam rolling).

Download it now: OneRepublic - Feel Again - 70 BPM


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