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7 Health and Fitness Podcasts to Tune Into on Your Long Run

Ditch Your Playlist

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If you're a serious runner, listening to the same Top 40 songs or the your same Spotify playlists can get pretty repetitive, especially when you're training for a race. Suddenly, "Formation" stops inspiring you (who even cares if she has hot sauce in her back pocket?), "Work" starts to sound more like kwor, kwor, kwor, kwor, kwor, and you never want to hear "Born to Run" again. Maybe that's the reason so many endurance runners leave their headphones behind. But if you can't stand to run without a mental distraction or you're just ready to switch things up, download these wellness-inspired podcasts. We took them for a run-test and trust us, the miles will fly by! (Serial more your style? Try one of these nine podcasts.)

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Bulletproof Radio

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Dave Asprey—the same guy that decided we should all be putting butter in our coffee (find out The Buzz Behind Bulletproof Coffee) doles out new episodes of better-living advice every few days on Bulletproof Radio. Each episode features interviews with top doctors, nutritionists, biomechanists, an more. Plus, once a month, Asprey tackles listener-submitted questions.

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Another Mother Runner

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Portland-based marathoner and mother of three, Sarah Bowen Shea, talks all things fit mamas need to know, like nutrition, mental toughness, marathon training, and postpartum running on Another Mother Runner: The Podcast. Past guests on the show include the first American woman to run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days (what!?), trail runner Lisa Jhung, and natural foods chef Jacquelyn Grandy. The podcast is hosted by acast, a free app with a cool feature that lets you share snippets of the podcast via social media.

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I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein

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Thirteen-time marathoner and running coach Lindsey Hein's brand new podcast, I'll Have Another, grew out of her popular blog, Out for a Run. With just six episodes on the docket so far, it's a great time to easily catch up to speed! Each episode is meant to be inspiring and refreshing—she'll talk with everyone from athletes and entrepreneurs to friends, and topics will range from the running-specific to super-important timely events (like who won The Bachelor).

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Run to the Top with Tina Muir

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Want to improve your running? Listen to tips that will help you become fitter, faster, more efficient, and help you train and race your best—while you run. If that's not efficient, what is? Host Tina Muir, an elite Saucony-sponsored runner, interviews top runners and running experts from all over the world about their training concepts and tips on her podcast Run to the Top. (P.S. Try our 30-Day Running Challenge too!)

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60-Second Science

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When it's speedwork day, tune into Scientific American's 60-Second Science, a collection of minute-long podcasts that give you the quick and dirty on an array of scientific topics like why spiders actually look bigger if you're afraid of them, how cutting carbon pollution could save on health care costs, and how switching to a healthy diet even later in life can make a big difference. Building your intervals around these podcasts almost makes them less painful.

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Happier with Gretchen Rubin

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From the author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, Happier explores practical things related to getting happy, like forming good habits, creating inner calm, letting go of sentimental items, not over apologizing. Host Gretchen Rubin tests out the tips and advice on her co-host, her younger sister Elizabeth Craft. The results are sometimes funny, often endearing, and always helpful.

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Ultrarunner Podcast

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You don't have to be an endurance runner to enjoy listening to the Ultrarunner Podcast—in fact, it's almost more fun if you're totally new to the fascinating world of ultrarunning. Listen to pros talk about how they manage to knock out 100 miles in a day, hear highlights from the racing world, and get inside the heads of the athletes who've managed to master the sport. If you've never heard of Western States, Hardrock 100, or Marathon de Sables, you soon will.

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